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Rare Coins
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Proof and Mint Sets
American Eagle Coins
Franklin Mint Sets & Parts
Estate Jewelry
Bank Estates
Costume Jewelry
Class Rings
Rolex Watches
Pocket Watches
Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum
Coins and Coin collections
U.S. Paper Money
Foreign Money
Confederate Paper
Dental Gold
Sterling Silver Flatware





Gold Coins


American Eagles

American Gold Buffalos

Canadian Maple Leafs

South African Krugerrands

Chinese Pandas

Australian Kangaroos, Nuggets

Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey & Englehard Bars

US Liberty & Indian Coins; $1, $2 1/2, $5, $10, $20

American Arts Medallions

Modern US Commemoratives

Austrian Coronas, Ducats, Philharmonics

English Britannias, Pounds, Souveriegns

Belgium, French & Swiss 20 Francs

Isle of Man Angels, Cats

Mexican Pesos, Onzas

All Other World Gold Coins

Half Dollars

Flowing Hair: 1794-1795

Draped Bust/Small Eagle: 1796-1797

Draped Bust/Heraldic Eagle: 1801-1807

Capped Bust: 1807-1836

Liberty Seated: 1839-1891

Barber/Liberty Head: 1892-1915

Walking Liberty: 1916-1947

Franklin: 1948-1963

Kennedy: 1964-1970

Silver Commemoratives


.999 Fine Bars & Rounds

90% Dimes, Quarters & Half Dollars

40% Kennedy Half Dollars

American Eagles

Sterling Bars & Rounds

Sterling Flatware & Serving Pieces

Sterling Jewelry

Sterling Candlesticks

Casino Tokens

Franklin Mint Sets

Canadian Maple Leafs

Canadian .500 & .800 Fine

US & World Coins


Flowing Hair: 1794-1795

Draped Bust/Small Eagle: 1795-1798

Draped Bust/Heraldic Eagle: 1798-1804

Liberty Seated: 1840-1873

Trade: 1873-1885

Lafayette: 1900

Morgan: 1878-1921

Peace: 1921-1935

Carson City Mint: 1878-1893

Silver Commemoratives

Proof Sets: 1936-Present

Silver Proof Sets: 1992-Present

Silver Premier Sets: 1992-1998

Prestige Sets: 1983-1997

5 Piece Quarter Proof Sets: 1999-Present

5 Piece Silver Quarter Proof Sets: 2004-Present

4 Piece Presidential Proof Sets: 2007-Present

Mint Sets: 1947-Present

Special Mint Sets: 1965-1967

Souvenir Sets: 1982-1983

Modern Commemoratives: 1986-Present

Proof Silver Eagles: 1986-Present



Draped Bust/Small Eagle: 1796

Draped Bust/Heraldic Eagle: 1804-1807

Liberty Seated: 1838-1891

Barber/Liberty Head:1892-1916

Isabella Commemorative: 1893

Standing Liberty: 1916-1930

Washington: 1932-1964

Silver Commemoratives


.999 Fine Bars & Rounds

American Eagles

Canadian Maple Leafs

Australian Koalas

Platinum Jewelry

Crucibles, Wire & Industrial Scrap


.999 Fine Bars & Rounds

Canadian Maple Leafs

Palladium Jewelry

Gold Dollars: 1849-1889

Quarter Eagles/$2 1/2 Gold Pieces: 1796-1929

Three Dollar Gold Pieces: 1854-1889

Four Dollar Gold or Stella Pieces: 1879-1880

Half Eagles/$5 Gold Pieces: 1795-1929

Eagles/$10 Gold Pieces: 1795-1933

Double Eagles/$20 Gold Pieces: 1849-1907

Saint Gaudens Type: 1907-1933

California Gold

Pioneer Gold

Commemorative Gold

Half Cents: 1793-1857

Two Cent Pieces: 1864-1873

Silver Three Cent Pieces: 1851-1873

Nickel Three Cent Pieces: 1865-1889

Half Dimes: 1794-1873

Twenty Cent Pieces: 1875-1878

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